Bionexx Going Circular


Bionexx is a producer of Artemisin, the most important molecule for Malaria cure medicine. Bionexx aims to make an impact in Madagascar on the livelihood of smallholder farmer families, contribute positively to degraded land restoration and practice and integrate a circular production process.


Bionexx aspires to become a leader in circular economy in Madagascar and Africa for the decades to come and add value for its community. Engineers Without Borders collaborates with Bionexx in order to make them realize their ambition by helping them finding ways to become a more environmentally friendly company.

EWB is analyzing the Bionexx production process from the farmer to the client. The objective is to identify improvement opportunities to make the process more sustainable, safer and circular.


The project goal is to find the following opportunities for improvement:

  • Reduction of the factory carbon footprint
  • Reduction of the waste streams and/or revalorization of waste
  • Creation of new jobs and business opportunities in the region in case of spin-off projects for the revalorization of waste streams or the introduction of locally available raw materials
  • Factory workers and neighbors exposed to less (toxic/harmful) emission andĀ educated in the highest safety standard
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