About Engineers without Borders

Our goal

Our goal is to promote, teach and implement sustainable technical solutions in developing countries which can be successfully adopted by local companies. By doing so we believe we help to enhance people’s quality of life and the development of communities. We use the time of our engineers to improve life in developing countries by supporting local organizations, NGO’s and entrepreneurs with our technical knowledge. All our projects are based on a local request and include a business/social model. In this way we realize a long-term and sustainable impact. Example projects are drinking water systems, sustainable off-grid energy, development of smart apps or low-tech tools, set-up of small factories and enterprises. By participating in the projects, the engineers will develop non-technical knowledge such as how to deal with cultural differences, social impact, institutional models and entrepreneurship, which they also apply in their professional work.

Non-profit teaching in Mozambique
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EwB water challenge

Meet the EwB-NL Team

The everyday operation of EWB-NL is carried out by a staff of dedicated volunteers who work hard
to support our projects and project teams across the globe.

At EWB-NL, we hold integrity and transparency as our core values. Our leadership has a zero tolerance policy for violations to our Code of Conduct. Should you want to raise a concern, please use our contact form.

Strategic board

EwB Team - Sven Spierings

Sven Spierings


EwB Team - Wessel Wikkerink

Wessel Wikkerink


EwB Team - Irina Sleikina

Irina Sleikina

Project Portfolios

EwB Team - Agata Malinowska

Agata Malinowska

Project impact officer

Wacera Mwangi - EWB Team

Wacera Mwangi

Human Resources Officer

Indrani - EWB Team

Indrani Vohra

Marketing and Communication Officer

Supervisory board

EwB Team - Petra Beris


EwB Team - Claire Hallewas

Claire Hallewas

EwB Team - Jelena Popovic

Jelena Popovic

Operational Support Groups

EwB Team - Joseph van Oudenhoven

Joseph van Oudenhoven

Senior Expert Group

EwB Team - Sven Spierings

Sven Spierings

Partnerships & Funding

EwB Team - Agata Malinowska

Agata Malinowska

Project requests & business impact

EwB Team - Patricia de Oliveira

Patricia De Oliveira

IT & Website

Portfolio managers

EWB team Francesca Cori

Francesca Cori


Leah Dorman - EwB team

Leah Dorman


Ana Quintas - EwB team

Ana Quintas

Circular Economy

Elizabeth Geddes - EwB team

Elizabeth Geddes

Circular Economy

EwB Team - David Agoungbome

David Agoungbome


Eric van der Tas - EwB Team

Eric van der Tas


Patrick Mullan-Koufopoulos - EwB team

Patrick Mullan-Koufopoulos


Mirjam van de Wege - EwB team

Mirjam van de Wege


Become part of the team

We are always looking for dedicated volunteers who are eager to support us on an organizational and operational level. If you are interested: