Arthouse Cinema – Kriterion Monrovia

We are working with Kriterion Monrovia, a University based non-governmental Liberian organization, on the establishment of an ArtHouse cinema to promote local cultural exchange, provide a cinema space and offer part-time jobs to young college students from Liberia.

There has been a lack of culture and no Art House cinema in Liberia that can show a diversity of movies or promote cultural values


Before and after the Liberian Civil Crisis (1989 – 2003) which affected every fabric of the society, there has been a lack of culture and no Art House cinema in Liberia that can show a diversity of movies or promote cultural values. Currently, there is only one cinema in the capital that mainly projects Indian movies, and it does not reach international standards in terms of quality of sound, image and customer service. The entire country at present does also not have a theater.


  • Establish the Kriterion Monrovia art house cinema: a high-end movie house incorporating a bar, restaurant, gallery and event space run by students
  • Present high quality art house movies legally
  • Create jobs for students
  • Restore lost culture through theater arts, festivals
  • Art competitions
  • Inspire young actors/film-makers
  • Training young people on arts and acting
  • Train the student staff on the technical skills of audio-visual management
  • Promote Liberian (and West-African) film-makers
  • Collaborate with film and art academies and build their capacity


  • Make architectural, structural and installations design
  • Support local engineers / students in developing detailed design drawings and calculations based on general design.
  • EWB will support Kriterion Monrovia in making the best choices in terms of quality and sustainable material for the structural construction of the premises.
  • Aid in setting up a procurement strategy
  • Provide tech. support during the procurement of a contractor
  • Identify critical points during the building process
  • Provide Kriterion Monrovia with technical support to managing the building process.
  • Train / educate future maintenance crew if applicable.
  • Set up maintenance plan / strategy.


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