Want to propose a project?

EWB NL operates as a technical consultancy organisation. Successful applications should have clearly specified engineering role for EWB NL and should not pose competition to local entrepreneurs. As an organisation we follow FIETS (financial, institutional, environmental, technological and social) sustainability principles.

In the form below we ask you to provide the following information:

  • Project description, you can also submit models, blue prints or other details that can support your business proposal (max 5 files, each max 10MB).
  • 3 references of contacts of organisations you have worked with in the past.
  • Financial plan – you can upload file (10MB max)
  • Local demand and Impact

If you have any questions regarding the form, please contact us via: request@ewbnl.org

All projects EWB engages in are engineering based, have no local competition and are sustainable.

EWB-NL and affiliated partners will never charge any money as application or other fees. We are a non-profit organisation that is funded by donations that are NOT expected from requestors. Our services are free.

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