We increase quality of life for communities in low-resource settings through sustainable technical interventions.

At EWB-NL we believe in the power of those who want to make a change; local entrepreneurs and leaders who strive to improve their life and the life of their communities.

Our goal is to promote, teach and implement sustainable technical solutions in developing countries which can be successfully adopted and maintained by local organizations, entrepreneurs and initiative takers.

NGO Project in Mozambique: technical education

“We believe in the power of people who want to make a change”

Supporting engineering projects

How we do it: Our volunteers donate their knowledge and experience to local organizations, NGO’s and entrepreneurs, ensuring that their ideas get the necessary technical support they need.

That’s why all our projects are based on local requests and include a business/social model, so that long-term, sustainable impact is achieved, and local ownership is ensured.

Our volunteers work on multidisciplinary projects that combine the following five technical expertises:

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Many communities and social entrepreneurs in low-resource settings lack the engineering and financial capacity to make their projects a reality. Our organization works to fill that void through a holistic and multidisciplinary engineering approach.

Example projects are drinking water systems, sustainable off-grid energy systems, smart apps or low-tech tools, and the sustainable build and operation of schools, factories and enterprises.

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