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Job Description

Young Expert Programmes (YEP) Energy

The young expert will be working on-site at Bionexx in Madagascar to develop the project for improving the efficiency of the furnace/boiler, as well as on the design of power generation equipment to convert excess steam into electricity. 

The Young Expert will be part of the engineering team on site and report directly to the management team of Bionexx. A significant amount of time will also be spent on site, interacting directly with the Operations team. In addition to the young expert’s position at the Bionexx site, the young expert will also have support through regular correspondence with our EWB-NL Energy portfolio.

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Your activities

  • Collect the required data for the development of the project (flow diagrams, datasheets, process data, equipment condition, etc.).
  • Evaluate the condition and operating performance of the existing equipment and the existing production process.
  • Evaluate possible ways of improving the efficiency of the existing furnace. Evaluate alternatives, assess them and rank them. Select the best alternative in collaboration with site engineers and EWB NL engineers. 
  • Explore alternative uses for the steam from the waste biomass boiler, e.g. micro-scale low-pressure steam turbines, an organic rankine cycle unit
  • Develop the engineering design for the selected alternatives. This task will be supported by volunteering engineers located in the Netherlands. 
  • Present and discuss the findings with the site team and relay back the information to the biomass-to-energy EWB project team. 
  • Project management activities, such as: Developing the planning for the project, defining and prioritizing activities, checking data and deliverables for completeness, expediting the tasks related to the completion of the project as required.
  • Explore alternative uses for biomass eg. for use as a solid biomass fuel for cooking, potentially in collaboration with an NGO distributing clean cookstoves in the area. 
  • Provide support to the other projects included in the collaboration between EWB-NL and Bionexx. This supporting task can take 20% of the time.

Duration: 1 year (possibility to extend to 2 years)

What we would love for you to bring to the table

  • Dutch nationality (required)
  • MSc degree in engineering, preferably process/chemical or mechanical engineering 
  • Ideally, 2-3 years of manufacturing experience (e.g. oil & gas, chemical industry, food production, pulp & paper etc.)
  • Ideally, prior experience with or a good understanding and interest in combustion processes and steam/condensate systems
  • Self-starter, highly adaptable, intrinsically motivated
  • Strong communication and presentation skills 
  • Project management skills or prior experience working on plant improvement projects would be preferred
  • Entrepreneurial ambitions to see how the design project plan could be implemented and duplicated. 
  • Great English language skills / French speaking would be preferred 

Further Information

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