Welcome New Board Members!

January 23, 2018
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Welcome New Board Members!

On itsĀ second anniversary, EWB NL welcomes new Board Members!

Meet Alejandro (Projects & People), Georgiana (Projects) and Marcia (Partnerships)!

Alejandro Hahn

I am chemical engineer working in the harbour of Rotterdam.

I joined EWB NL because I want to make use of my time and knowledge to create a positive impact in the world. Being part of the Foundation is one the best ways of achieving this while at the same time enjoying working with such a great team.

Georgiana Stan

I am a chemical engineer as background, working and living in The Netherlands for 5 years.

I joined EWB NL to use my knowledge and skills for improving the life of people in developing countries. EWB NL is giving me the chance to develop professionally, personally and at the same time contributing and having an impact.

Marcia Krishnan

I am Chemical Engineer who has spent 13 years working in FMCG for a chocolate company, in both manufacturing and research and development roles.
I joined EWB NL as a way of meeting like-minded people in the Netherlands and use my engineering skills to do some good in the world.
I bring experience in working in developing countries, innovation project management, building strategic partnerships and a passion for coaching and team building.

We’re excited to get them on board and work together for a very successful 2018!

Do you need engineers to realise your project? Let us know!