Job Description

Project description
The Schools of the Future project aims to empower teenagers in developing communities in Mozambique through technical education and entrepreneurship. We provide resources for transferring technology to these communities, such as inspiring hands-on workshops, with correspondent tools, manuals and training. In this way we aspire to spark interest and joy in science and technology and to foster the necessary foundations for technical and societal development.

Job Description
You are expected, together with the rest of the team, to carry out the following activities:

  • Construction of workshop consisting of toolboxes and manuals
  • Trainings (both for assembling toolbox and teaching with it but also related with cultural awareness and volunteering ethics)
  • Research on local and international funds for our target students (without means to afford a higher level education)
  • Deliver of workshops to students and teachers
  • Construction of long term sustainable vision where the project can be completely transferred to the local community (NGOs, government, industry)

Applicant Requirements

  • Join the regular meetings in Eindhoven to work with the team.
  • Available for ~4 hours/wk
  • Availability to travel to Mozambique is preferred
  • Previous experience in developing projects in Africa or developing countries is highly appreciated
  • In case that you would like to travel to Mozambique, it is required to speak Portuguese fluently. However, traveling in not mandatory and you can also join the team if you want to support it from the Netherlands.

All the openings at Engineers without Borders are unpaid volunteer positions. We dedicate our free time to improve life in developing countries and have fun and a great learning experience by doing so. Our only expectation is that you dedicate the amount of free time you feel comfortable with and that you commit to this.

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