Solar Power for Yemen


Solar Power for Yemen

Due to the political conflicts since 2014, Yemen is suffering from electricity shortage not only in remote and rural areas but also in major cities. This negatively affects all basic services including health systems, education centers and universities. All public and civil infrastructure that depend on electrical power suffer from very frequent shutdown.


The project aims at building a solar power system for reviving the faculty of computer science in Thamar university. The problem is that since 2014 all PCs are shutdown due to the lack of any source of electrical power, affecting nearly 4 generations of students. The students graduate every year with a very limited knowledge on the practical part of many subjects impacting their technical knowledge and future career. Nearly 1800 undergraduate students will benefit from this project.

No action is taken due to the economic situation of the university and the entire country. Even before the conflict, Yemen is considered to be the poorest country in the Arab region.

Main Activites

EWB scope:

  • Maturing the plan of the project.
  • Design of the solar system in collaboration the faculty staff.
  • Provide required training and coaching.
  • Advisor role by EWB given experience from previous similar projects.
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