Job Description

Software Designer/ Programmer

Smart Meters Project For Sub Saharan regions

EWB is designing mini grid solutions for multiple regions / countries (e.g. a community in Togo, a community in Madagascar).

For the financial sustainability of the project it is important to have a cheap and reliable payment system for the power in place. In these communities currently pre-paid power is the way to go as it ensures that the electricity is paid for by the consumer. However, the payment systems that make this possible and which are available in the market are either too expensive or a non reliable solution. To make a healthy business case, the required investment in these meters needs to be such that the energy is also affordable for people living on 1 dollar a day.

The goal is to develop a payment system for an off-grid community energy system (microgrid) that is a low cost and reliable prepaid payment solution which can potentially also be used for drinking water or comparable services. The ideal solution considers technical aspects next to the business case and feasibility of the system in the SSA environment.

We are looking for someone with the skills of software / computer programming or has experience in setting up online payment systems who can help in achieving our goal as mentioned above .

Applicant Requirements

  • Experienced as a software engineer/ designer/ programmer
  • Prior experience in online payment systems is preferred.
  • Prior experience in doing ¬†business case/feasibility studies with ¬†softwares is preferred.
  • Prior experience with any project ¬†related off grid energy systems is preferred.
  • Keen attention to detail, structured and well-organised.
  • Enjoys working in a team.


All the openings at Engineers without Borders are unpaid volunteer positions. We dedicate our free time to improve life in developing countries and have fun and a great learning experience by doing so. Our only expectation is that you dedicate the amount of free time you feel comfortable with and that you commit to this.

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