SoTF 1.0 Edition 2 – Meet the Team!

April 19, 2018
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SoTF 1.0 Edition 2 – Meet the Team!

Schools of the Future was always a different project within EWB NL: it runs by editions, each adjusted to the audience and multiple teams can run it in parallel.
The concept was simple: using hands-on workshops to spark children’s interest for technology and science in developing countries.

The first edition of SoTF ran in Mozambique in 2017 and was well received by most students.

The hands-on workshops (we had a solar car toy for the first edition) were an effective way to keep students engaged while learning. In particular the school Sao Joaquim and its teachers asked for a continuation of the project.

Our pilot reached more than 150 students and allowed us to learn a lot about our audiences.

Now the project has a second edition with a visit to Mozambique in June 2018 – the new toolboxes (calculator, piano, radio) are focused on the schools and grades that can benefit the most from it.

This is just the beginning of a long and ambitious trip: this project is expected to require between 6 and 10 years to be fully developed and transferred to the local community.

There are also plans to export it to other countries – based on the learnings of S0TF Mozambique, a new team is preparing S0TF 2.0 in Uganda – stay tuned to learn more about this exciting project!

Meet the Team!

Second edition in Mozambique, June 2018

Sara Filipa Fagulha Pereira

“Hi! 🙂 My name is Sara and I am a 25 year old Portuguese girl living in Eindhoven. I have studied Chemical and Biochemical Engineering back home, and later I came to the Netherlands to develop my master thesis at TU Delft.

Currently, I work as a Process Engineer for a Chemical Specialities company. At the same time, I dedicate my time to this passionate project – the Schools of the Future – which I found out while searching on how I could make a real difference as an Engineer.

I expect that this project will bring much joy and spark curiosity on the children we will teach, and hopefully inspire them to pursue their studies at a University level. I am sure the upcoming three weeks in Maputo will be a fulfilling experience and it will also teach me back about how to better appreciate the small things in my life.”

Manuel Ribeiro

“Hey everyone! My name is Manuel and I am a Portuguese Engineer living in Eindhoven, in the Netherlands.

I have studied Electrical and Computer Engineering back in Portugal and came here to work after one year of Erasmus at Delft.

At the moment I work as a Software Engineer in a team that is building the electric cars of the future! It is my personal goal to help creating a more sustainable and prosperous future, and for that reason I joined Engineers Without Borders. Here, I am responsible for the technical details of the tools and toolkits we’ll be providing to the students in Mozambique. By designing the circuits of the toolkits, we hope to inspire these students into continuing their studies and see for themselves the importance of a technical background.

We can’t wait to go there and to finally meet these students in person! We are sure it will be a very fulfilling experience and hopefully an important step in their future successful careers!”

Celeste Scharrenberg

“Blue. Something what remains everywhere in my life. My name, the sea, the sky, amazing music by just adding one letter… It does not matter where I am, you see a happy Celeste with these key elements.

Born in The Hague and grown up in Barcelona, the sea accompanies me my entire life. Six years ago I came back to The Netherlands to study Industrial Design Engineering and being able to create all things my mind was up to. This is exactly what I have been doing the last few years: letting different cultures influence my thoughts, point of view and designs! From Austria to Brazil and Mozambique on S0FT Edition 1, I have always felt happy of sharing experiences and getting inspired by other people, amazing places and ways of working.

Schools of the Future came in my path at the right moment, just after my bachelor graduation in February 2017, when I was thinking about my next step. Being able to make an impact with young students gave me the motivation to start working with Engineers Without Borders. Since then I try to put my share to improve the environment and allow social empowerment where it’s really needed.

As a design engineer I look at challenges from another perspective, which allows me to bring valuable solutions. Combining this approach with the rest of the engineering disciplines in the team makes us complete and allows us to bring together this enjoyable toolkits to the young students in Mozambique.

I am very excited to be there again and to fulfil my heart with more amazing experiences with the lovely students, teachers and neighbours in Maputo.”

Susana Amorim Lopes

Susana is from Valença, in the North of Portugal.
She is a Biomedical Engineer. SoTF came to her as “a good fit with my scientific and technological background”.
She’ll enrich the project with her willingness to materialize ideas, hands-on work mentality and her drive for change.
She expects SoTF will allow her to learn new skills, gain real-world experiences in the field, play an active part in the sustainable development of a community, explore, be inspired, positively impacting someone’s life while impacting her own.
In the photo she’s on her way to Santiago de Compostela, 5 days walking from her hometown.

Luís Pedro Oliveira

Luis is also from Valença, in Portugal. Luis has a bachelor in Economics and Master in Finance. After working two years at Deloitte, he is currently working in an Accelerator of startups (Venture Capital field).

“Two years ago I had a work experience in Angola that allowed me to visit some Universities and be aware of the education system situation in the country. I was impressed by the conditions students and teachers had, which were clearly very different from what we have in Europe. I found Mozambique’s education system was lacking fundamental resources to educate and prepare students to the labour market and evenfor life.
I believe EWB NL, and in particular the SoTF project, has the potential to improve the lives of many young students by providing (technical and practical) information they would not have otherwise. That is why I decided to join and be part of this journey”

“I will be giving a workshop on personal and business finance, providing clear examples and tips about how they should manage money during their personal or professional lives.”

“I believe this project will allow me to be aware of the conditions many people live in and to have somehow impact in improving their access to information.”

In the photo Luis was in Angola travelling to the interior of the country (trip to Malanje; Kalandula falls)

We wish the Team a good trip and experience, full of successes and stories to share with us!

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