Social Media & PR Team member

Social Media & PR Team member

Job Description

At EWB-NL we use communication as a means to engage people and organisations by showing what we do and why we believe our approach has real impact. We aim to be visible online and offline, in order to (1) expose ourselves, our projects and our impact to the world, (2) inform those who get interested in EWB-NL, (3) let these people join in one of the projects or other activities, and (4) engage these people so that stay with us and contribute to achieving impact.

Online we aim to do this via social media, currently we mainly use Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. Here we aim to give updates from our projects, promote our events, share interesting stories related to engineering in developing countries, etc.

Your activities:

  • Show the world what EWB-NL is, what we do and what our impact is;
  • Frequently share interesting and relevant posts on our social media channels;
  • Implement and improve the communication plan.

What we would love for you to bring to the table

  • Good communication skills;
  • Being clear, coherent and periodic in the online communication;
  • Affinity with and experience with social media and mailchimp.

It is also possible to apply for part of the described tasks above, if this specific task sparks your interested. Ideally we will compose a team of 3-4 people who together will be responsible for the internal and external communication.

What we offer

  • A great and passionate team to work with
  • Exchange of knowledge
  • A good way to learn and gain experience
  • You are welcome to work at our co-working space in Rotterdam (CIC) or remotely 


All the openings at Engineers without Borders are unpaid volunteer positions. We dedicate our free time to improve life in developing countries and have fun and a great learning experience by doing so.

Our only expectation is that you dedicate the amount of free time you feel comfortable with and commit to this. Would you like to get more information before applying? Or do you have questions?

Feel free to contact:

Fernanda – Community and Communications Lead –

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