Technical Education in Mozambique

April 7, 2017
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Technical Education in Mozambique

Getting together to support Technical Education

On the last Sunday of March, the EWB project Schools of the Future has hosted a fund raising dinner in Eindhoven. We welcomed more than 120 people at this very successful evening. Surrounded by the great atmosphere and food of Le Connaisseur, we have raised awareness for the educational situation in Mozambique and how Schools of the Future can have a positive and sustainable impact.

Our NGO partner at Mozambique, AVSI, has shown us immense support and this evening was no exception. Besides the very insightful  short documentary regarding Mozambique latest developments and necessary next steps in education for science and technology , we were also able to conduct a live meeting through skype with their chairman.

We feel very thankful for everyone interest in the project Schools of the Future, including support from EWB board, AVSI, our Schools of the Future project members and friends, and of course, to all the guests of this remarkable evening! Thank you for your time and interest!

It is already at the end of May that the first volunteers from EWB NL will arrive at Mozambique. Curious about who they are? Check their introductions here.

Money raised will go for the last items at our budget list, the shipping of the toolboxes to Mozambique, a lunch for the 150 students attending, and flight tickets for the volunteers.

During the dinner we shared with our guests some of the toolboxes which will be brought and taught during Schools of the Future time at Mozambique.

Big thanks to all the project members from Schools of the Future and EWB board which made this event come alive!

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