5 reasons not to miss the 2019 Design Challenge

February 22, 2019
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5 reasons not to miss the 2019 Design Challenge

On Friday, 5 April 2019, Engineers without Borders Netherlands will hold the second annual Design Challenge in Rotterdam. But, what exactly is the event? And, is it something for you?

Here are 5 reasons not to miss the 2019 Design Challenge.

Your input could make a big impact

The annual one-day Design Challenge was launched after EWB-NL noticed many proposed projects were stalling before they could get off the ground. The local partners faced major obstacles that needed innovative and sustainable solutions.

During the Design Challenge on 5 April, EWB-NL will utilise the expertise of diverse working groups and tackle pressing project challenges-hackathon-style. The projects involve sustainable development in clean water accessibility (SDG 6), affordable and clean energy (SGD 7), and biomass valorization. Solutions uncovered during the one-day challenge have the potential to make a long-lasting, positive impact in communities worldwide.

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It isn’t just for engineers

Even though ‘engineers’ is in our name, our projects involve volunteers from a variety of professional backgrounds. The Design Challenge is no different. We also need participants with expertise in finance, business, sustainability- and other areas- to help us find holistic solutions to overcoming project barriers.

Participants of all disciplines have the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the social aspects in engineering and the importance of a business model while getting to know inspiring people.

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It’s not just challenging, it is also fun

Participants will be divided into teams. There are four challenges and teams will compete against each other per challenge. At the end of the day, the teams will pitch their solutions and a jury will select the winning concept for each challenge.

The event is fast-paced, exciting, and the end results are often surprising. In addition to problem solving, there will be time for networking with professionals from all across the Netherlands. Coffee, lunch, drinks, and a storytelling workshop are all included during the event.

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The event is also an EWB-NL fundraiser

Even if your team’s solution doesn’t get chosen by the jury, your participation will still be a contribution to the projects. All revenues from the event registration fees will be used for initiating projects based on the winning solutions. If you register before 10 March, the cost is EUR 110 per person. After 10 March, the cost is EUR 125 for each entry.

Your involvement doesn’t have to stop there

The winning teams will be invited to develop their concept and implement the solution in collaboration with the organisations that submitted the challenges. So, you will not only participate in an event, you will also have the chance to deliver a concrete project with real benefits for local communities.

Are you up for the challenge? Don’t wait too long to sign up! There is only room for 80 participants in the 2019 Design Challenge.

Want to see what to expect during the Design Challenge? Watch this after movie from 2018.

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