Project Manager

Project Manager

Job Description

In 2019 we have initiated the circular portfolio. Engineers without borders Netherlands has been involved in many exciting projects, which come from our potential partners in developing countries. Many innovative ideas and promising initiatives have emerged to move from a linear to a circular model.

To realize impactful projects, we are looking for a project manager.

In this role, you will manage and coordinate the projects, lead the proposal phase, collaborate with local partners and so much more!

Excited to know if this role would be a great fit? Keep on reading!

Your activities

As a project manager you are excited and ready to coordinate the project. Each project starts with the proposal phase in which guidelines are defined. It will be your goal to help our local partners within this phase

  • Leading the proposal phase to define the scope of work for the local partner and EWB-NL.
  • Take the local partners through the process and help where needed;
  • Define goals, scope and approach of the project;
  • Support local partners with proposal forms;
  • Oversee and coordinate the project execution phase;
  • Be the main point of contact for local partners and portfolio managers;
  • Connect the partners, your team-members and portfolio managers together;
  • Being involved from proposal phase until delivery of the project;
  • Composing the right team and helping the portfolio managers;
  • Updating all people involved of project progress;

Background information of the projects

Currently we have three ongoing circular projects for our local partners, which are for Bionexx, EcoBrixs and Mety. There will be many projects coming up! The projects that are now in the proposal phase are as followed:

  • JGC:
    Project on plastic recycling for Jos Green Center (JGC) in Nigeria. Their mission is to pioneer innovations for large scale systems in Nigeria through social entrepreneurship, eco-entrepreneurship, advocacy, research, networking, partnerships and peer to peer mentoring. JGC aims to set up a local plastic recycling system in their community, following the example of EcoBrixs. They would like EWB-NL to assist with selecting equipment and technology by a feasibility study.
  • ACT:
    Project on circular textiles for African Collect Textiles (ACT) in Kenia. Their mission is to collect used textiles and footwear in the country through strategic partnerships and to reuse and recycle the collected textile and footwear into a variety of new products like: filling material, reinforced, panels, furniture and on the future new fabrics. With this ACT aims to inspire the community on the importance of reusing and recycling of textiles and shoes and how it can contribute to the improvement of the environment and the circular economy. The request for EWB-NL is to provide technical support with making new materials from sorted fractions and to implement a smart collection system.

In the future new projects will start, for each project a project manager is needed. So please apply if you are interested in this role!

What we would love for you to bring to the table

We are looking for someone who:

  • Has affinity with the concept of circular economy;
  • Preferably has experience with working in circular projects;
  • Expertise within specific topics. (e.g. plastics or textiles); (not a must)
  • Experience with project management and different project phases;
  • Is enthusiastic to be the force behind the projects;
  • Proactive personality;


All the openings at Engineers without Borders are unpaid volunteer positions. We dedicate our free time to improve life in developing countries and have fun and a great learning experience by doing so.

Our only expectation is that you dedicate the amount of free time you feel comfortable with and commit to this. Would you like to get more information before applying? Or do you have questions?

Feel free to contact:

Tessa – Portfolio Manager –
Suzanne – Portfolio Manager –
Manon – Head of HR –

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