Netherlands, Colombia, Brazil


Netherlands, Colombia, Brazil


Fighting Covid-19

The rapid spread of Covid-19 resulted in a personal protection equipment shortage (PPE) worldwide. EWB-NL committed to using its resources and knowledge to help fight Covid-19. We wanted to help supply essential workers and communities with protective equipment, that was (and in some places still is ) in scarcity.

How did we do that? Using 3D printing!

As face shields are one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and protect medical workers, every face shield produced could save a life.

producing face shields and delivering them to the (often hard to reach) areas where they were needed the most


This project was about actively helping in difficult times, reaching out locally as well as internationally, and mobilisation using 3D printing and face shields.

In short, this project focused on producing face shields and delivering them to the (often hard to reach) areas where they were needed them the most to help decrease the spread of covid19.

Universities, individuals, companies, and volunteers joined our call to action and build in a record time a production-logistic supply chain to even-out the demand for face shields.

More info about the project and partnerships on our website:


  • Set up a network of 3D printer volunteers producing equipment in the Netherlands and  ship the equipment worldwide
  • Support the efforts of those already producing equipment by adding value to their activities (e.g. help with logistics, expansion, offer blueprints). Both in the Netherlands and internationally.
  • Aid entrepreneurs and communities get set up producing equipment worldwide by providing knowledge, equipment, and documents


Distribution in the Netherlands
EWB-NL collaborated with the organization 3D response to help distribute face shields produced in the Netherlands to care homes.

Shipment to Colombia
3D Printers were mobilized throughout the Netherlands who volunteered to use their printers and filament to produce face shields. These face shields were shipped to Colombia where our local contact distributed them.We exceeded our target of the produced face shields, with a total of 1400 face shields.  These face shields were shipped to Colombia, and half  went to the rural communities in need and the other half to the indigenous population who have been particularly hard hit.
On top of this due to donations of filament the project saved funds, these were then used by our contact in Colombia to help produce 1200 face shields locally, also using 3D printing.

Production in Brazil
The project launched a crowdfund and a social media campaign to help raise funds to produce face shields. 800 euros was raised which helped fund 200 face shields. These were produced in collaboration with EWB-Brazil who also oversaw their distribution in Brazil.


We would like to thank our volunteers,  partners, and every individual who contributed to the success of this project. Whether, it was by printing 3D printed face-shields in the living room, driving and picking up the parcels, or supporting the project financially. The initial target of 1000 face shields was surpassed when 1400 face shields were produced. The generosity of the Vrij Universiteit Amsterdam – Design lab in producing over 500 for free was significant in achieving this. We would like to further thank our contacts in Colombia and Brazil. The mutual cross-cultural collaboration was crucial in reaching rural communities, and solving the problems at the customs and clearance, that we experienced.


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