Pico Power


EWB-NL has received this request through the local organization JVE in Togo and the Yikpa village community who request our assistance / technical expertise in setting up a pico hydropower plant in combination with solar system and micro-grid.


In Togo the electricity rate is only 26%. Most electricity is imported from neighboring countries.  The village Yikpa (300 km from Lomé) and the NGO ‘Jeunes Volontaires pour l’Environnement’ have requested the installation of a 3 kW pico hydropower plant to supply the village with electricity. The project will serve as a pilot to demonstrate the numerous small rivers in Togo can be used for generating renewable energy while preserving nature.

The hybrid hydropower/solar plant is just large enough to supply the village with energy and small enough to limit impact on the environment. In this project we want to assist in setting up the business model, review the technical construction file that has been made by the local engineers, give training to the local community and assist in the construction and troubleshooting of the power plant.


Accessibility to affordable electricity to meet the Yikpa village in their minimum lighting requirements according to planning. In particular the project team has defined global goals:

  • Create a local electricity distribution grid in the Yikpa village; expandable to meet future needs
  • Access to affordable renewable electricity in the Yikpa village by designing and installing a 3+ kW pico hydropower plant and (modular) solar power units
  • Select and set-up a local organisation within the Yikpa village to run and maintain the pico hydropower plant more/improved communication
  • Assist the funding phase by the development of a business plan together with the local entrepreneur and JVE, to be approved by the village committee

Long-term objectives amongst others:

  • Create awareness among the local population about the use of renewable energy as a an energy resource
  • Independence from current power sources (e.g. kerosene)
  • Standard of Living Development
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