Meet the team going to Mozambique for our Schools of the Future project!

April 1, 2017
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Meet the team going to Mozambique for our Schools of the Future project!

Our Schools of the Future project is becoming a reality, and a team of engineers is traveling to Mozambique at the end of May. Wonder who they are? Here they share with you bits and pieces of themselves:


“I was born in the Netherlands and raised in Spain, I always loved to get to know new cultures and the incredible places of our planet since I was very young. Amazed about the capacity of adaptability of all living beings, nature has been inspiring me not just in my career but in my entire life.

During my bachelor in industrial design engineering I have been focused on society, people and its environment, trying to make a positive impact with my creations using sustainable approaches and including the users in the entire design process. The project Schools of the Future fits perfectly with my previous experience and with the idea I have formed of how I want my volunteering experience to be. Bringing science and technology to young students in an interactive way will make them enjoy learning and trigger them to deepen more in this area. This is not just positive for the educational value of these students but for the progress of the country itself as well.”


“I am Joana, a 25 years old Portuguese Biomedical Engineer. Currently, I am in The Netherlands doing my PhD. Besides science, I love to travel, to read, to make new friends and I am really passionate about nature. I truly believe that the intercultural contact and ‘Learning by Doing’ approaches are the best ways to share knowledge and to spark interest in young creative minds. I am really excited to be part of the Schools of the Future project and to board in this adventure to Mozambique!”


“My name is Charles, I was born in Marseille in France almost 30 years ago. I grew up in a family of five. I went to school to become an engineer with specialization in optical sciences. Right now I am finishing my PhD studies in the Netherlands. I am grateful that my education gave me the opportunity to discover the world. I already lived in five different countries and I am more or less able to speak the same number of languages. I believe that education and contact with others are the best way to develop oneself, and I saw Schools of the Future project as a great opportunity to follow this belief and an even greater way to transfer knowledge.”

We wish them the best of luck and inspiration in their new, fulfilling adventure!

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