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We are always looking for volunteers who want to share their time, experience and passion and help make the world a better place through engineering. We welcome volunteers from a wide range of professions and from any stage of their careers. As a EWB volunteer, you will be able to apply to any available vacancies, join our activities, meet our other volunteers and truly make a difference.

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EWB General Vacancies

Our organization is growing and we need your help to make it bigger and better! Volunteer your skills and join one of our dynamic teams.

Recruiting coordinator – HR Team

In order to match the open positions with the best candidate, we need a recruiting coordinator to join our HR team.


Happiness Team Member

In Engineers Without Borders, our volunteers are a key asset to implement our projects. We want to know that our volunteers remain happy and engaged, understand what motivates them and provide them with opportunities to learn and grow.


Events Team Member

The events team organizes events for the EWB community which are aimed to bring members together and collectively learn and share knowledge about project execution in developing countries. They need more people to define and organize events.


External communication & PR team

We need volunteers that can use communication tools to engage people and organisations by showing what we do and why we believe our approach has real impact.


PEP Coordinator – Part of Projects

We are looking for someone who can coordinate between different project teams with EWB-NL and work out/arrange project specific courses/ workshop requirements . As a part of continuous improvement and growth within the organization , it is imperative that all project members constantly learn , share and deliver successful projects. Hence, we are looking for someone to help coordinate this process.


QHSE & Compliance Advisor

The role of QHSE & Compliance Advisor is a critical role with lots of involvements in different parts of the organization. The advisor is taking a pro-active role in ensuring the Quality (Q) of our deliverables. He or she evaluates the Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) impacts and risks of our projects, for our volunteers but also for the end-users.


Graphic Designer

We're looking for Graphical Designers that can translate maintenance procedures of our technical solutions into easy diagrams and symbols.


Legal Advisor / Legal Support

We are looking for volunteering to support us in our projects but also in other legal matters. Being an organization consisting of mainly engineering expertise, we currently would like to reinforce our team with an expert in the legal field.


Business Impact Team

EWB-NL is currently growing. We have 8 ongoing projects and 5 starting projects in various locations in the world.


Project Vacancies

Want to share your experience on a specific project? Apply for one of the open positions below.

Software Developer - Smart Meters

EWB is designing mini grid solutions for multiple regions / countries (e.g. a community in Togo, a community in Madagascar) and we are looking for someone with software/programming skills preferably with some prior experience in online payments systems who can help us setting up the system. The goal is to develop a payment system for an off-grid community energy system (microgrid) that is a low cost and reliable prepaid payment solution which can potentially also be used for drinking water or comparable services.


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