EWB-NL: Melchior Huijts, sustainable engineering

September 21, 2016
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EWB-NL: Melchior Huijts, sustainable engineering

My name is Melchior Huijts, an aerospace engineering student from the Delft University of Technology nearing the end of his Master’s programme.

Already for a long time I have wanted to use my technical mindset and skills for helping people to change their ways of living into ways that live in cooperation with the environment and bring well being without compromising the environment.

So when my friend Arnoud told me about his EOSOL project in Madagascar (of EWB-NL too!) I was sold and wanted to be involved in something alike.

On the website www.ewbnl.org I looked at all the other current projects and I got interested in the Pico Hydro Power Project in the small community of Yikpa in Togo.

One thing lead to another and now I am in Togo collaborating with the NGO Jeunes Volontaires pour l’Environnement (JVE) (headquartered in Lome) to help Yikpa. They want to get rid of their diesel-fueled generators and use hydro and solar power to give electrical power to their communities. This will require a small off-grid solution, that will also be designed taking into account future growth. Important for this project is also that the ownership of the project will be with the community such that they can construct, operate and maintain it themselves and it can serve as an example for other communities.

Many things are still unknown and many (literally and figuratively speaking) boulders lie ahead to be worked with or around, so in short,

I’m in for an adventure!

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