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Kriterion Monrovia team members holding new DVDs with EWB-NL member Joost

EWB Netherlands helps set the stage for Liberia’s first art-house theater

Following two recent civil wars and the Ebola crisis, Liberia is now in the midst of recovery and rebuilding. This west African country is home to 4.7 million people and began as a settlement of freed and free-born slaves who left the United States in pursuit of freedom and prosperity. Today, young people in Liberia […]

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Melchior Huijts, volunteer in Togo

Togo! I had no idea this would be the location for one of the greatest experiences of my student life. I have done my internship for the NGO ‘Jeunes Volontaires pour l’Environnement’ to help them building a minigrid in a secluded area, powered by solar energy. The mini-grid will provide for the basic electric needs […]

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Implementing quick wins

The team of Water4Oku has now completed two trips to Oku, in the Northwest of Cameroon. They were welcomed with joy and warmth by the nice people of Oku. After the first trip in January 2018, Wouter and Alfred proposed a series of quick wins. The trip in April 2018 aimed at providing the necessary […]

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SoTF 1.0 Edition 2 – Meet the Team!

Schools of the Future was always a different project within EWB NL: it runs by editions, each adjusted to the audience and multiple teams can run it in parallel. The concept was simple: using hands-on workshops to spark children’s interest for technology and science in developing countries. The first edition of SoTF ran in Mozambique […]

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Welcome New Board Members!

On its second anniversary, EWB NL welcomes new Board Members! Meet Alejandro (Projects & People), Georgiana (Projects) and Marcia (Partnerships)!   Alejandro Hahn I am chemical engineer working in the harbour of Rotterdam. I joined EWB NL because I want to make use of my time and knowledge to create a positive impact in the world. […]

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Project Stories From Mozambique… with “Saudade”

“Saudade” is known to be a Portuguese word of very difficult translation to English, meaning something like the feeling of longing, melancholy… a need you cannot exactly pinpoint. You’d feel it when you think you should be back to a place, for instance. Our Schools of the Future Team has returned from Mozambique with a […]

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Technical Education in Mozambique

Getting together to support Technical Education On the last Sunday of March, the EWB project Schools of the Future has hosted a fund raising dinner in Eindhoven. We welcomed more than 120 people at this very successful evening. Surrounded by the great atmosphere and food of Le Connaisseur, we have raised awareness for the educational […]

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YOUR Help needed – Clean Water For Oku in Cameroon

Clean water is what the villagers in the Oku area, in the NorthWest of Cameroon, desperately need as they still get seriously ill due to consumption of unclean water. The large area, which includes 17 villages where more than 90000 people live, has an old water infrastructure that didn’t grow with the population needs. It […]

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Meet the team going to Mozambique for our Schools of the Future project!

Our Schools of the Future project is becoming a reality, and a team of engineers is travelling to Mozambique at the end of May. Wonder who they are? Here they share with you bits and pieces of themselves: Celeste “I was born in the Netherlands and raised in Spain, I always loved to get to […]

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Health&Safety in EWB NL projects

Health&Safety is an important topic in our everyday life: we intuitively evaluate the risks associated with a certain situation, think how we can mitigate them and assess if the outcome is still worth it.   To carry out its projects, EWB NL Foundation has set up a formal framework with checklists and procedures to address […]

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