Events Team Executive

Events Team Executive

Job Description

Events Team Executive

Engineers without Borders - Netherlands

Are you interested to become an active volunteer at Engineers Without Borders but not sure
where to start? Continue reading, because we may have something for you…

The events team organizes events for the EWB community to learn new aspects and share
knowledge on project execution in developing countries. We strive to make our events engaging,
refreshing and interactive so our engineers and prospective volunteers leave the events
enlightened and inspired to excel as EWB-NL volunteers.

We are looking for one more persons who would like to join us and contribute to the event’s planning and execution.
Typical examples of recurring events are the Meet & Greet, in which project updates are shared
and the volunteers meet each other while having some drinks, and the Hang-Outs –  which are
informal social gatherings such as a movie night, a beach-cleaning day, bar hopping, etc.

You may also be involved in some special events such as knowledge-summits, design challenges,
workshops, think tanks, masterclasses, etc. Furthermore, we support the project teams with their
fundraising ideas. The events team aims to organize interesting, fun and inspiring events that
contribute to a strong EWB community.

By joining the events team you are immediately in the center of EWB-NL operations. and get to
know our latest initiatives which may turn into your next volunteering role. We believe in
the power of teamwork and are very active in co-working and team building activities, so it would
be ideal if you share our philosophy – because someone gotta check the bars before setting up a
bar-hopping event, right? 😉

Main activities:

  • Practical preparation for the events-, such as reservations, promotion, shopping,
    sending invitations, etc.;
  • Defining the content of the events and events calendar;
  • Contributing ideas for future events and strengthening the EWB community
  • Creating and updating events-related documents
  • Welcoming attendees and managing events agenda.

Applicant requirements:

  • Interest in the EWB projects, our goals and technical challenges in developing countries.
    You do not necessarily need to be an engineer, but you should be interested in the
    projects. After all, this is what the events are mainly about!
  • Self-starter with good organizational skills
  • Creativity and ideas for future events are strongly encouraged
  • Your commitment to be present at the EWB events and meetings as much as possible.
    Expected level interaction is 4h in 2 weeks with at least once a month in-person meeting
    in Rotterdam
  • Experience with marketing and event organization is preferred, but not required. Your
    enthusiasm and commitment count most!
  • Experience with the social media and website management is a plus


All the openings at Engineers without Borders are unpaid volunteer positions. We dedicate our
free time to improve life in developing countries and have fun and great learning experience by
doing so. Our only expectation is that you dedicate the amount of free time you feel comfortable
with and commit to this.

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