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Job Description

Circular Portfolio Project 

Our new local partner, Mety, wants to establish in Madagascar a business of collection and processing of food waste from markets and small restaurants to produce added-value products, such as good quality fertilizer and biogas. Mety is currently developing a business case and requested us, EWB-NL, to assist in developing a sustainable business model and provide technical support in the form of a feasibility study. 

You, as a project team member, will conduct a feasibility study into technical options for processing food waste, initially for turning the food waste into compost, but options for producing biogas or charcoal will also be assessed. The team will also perform a high-level environmental impact assessment for the different options.

Your profile: 

For this project we are looking for a multidisciplinary team with the following fields of expertise:

  • organic waste collection and processing;
  • medium to large scale composting;
  • agriculture/soil quality and fertilizer usage;
  • environmental engineering/science;
  • business model development in a low-income context.

We are looking for 5 team members with the following :

  • Organizational and communication skills;
  • Interest in the EWB projects, our goals and technical challenges in developing countries;
  • Affinity with the circular economy, as well as social sustainability or solving environmental issues;
  • Work or volunteering experience in a low-income country.

Your role: 

We will establish a project team of volunteers meeting the requirements listed below. One of the team members can take the role of project manager and will be in close contact with the local partner.

The team will be responsible for conducting the feasibility study and consulting our local partner on the most feasible option for the pilot project.


All the openings at EWB-NL are unpaid volunteer positions. We dedicate our free time to improve life in developing countries and have fun and great learning experience by doing so. Our main expectation is that you dedicate the amount of free time you feel comfortable with and commit to this.

Desired starting date:

Spring 2021


The Netherlands (Current Status: Remote)

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