Gentleman’s agreement between EWB-NL and EWB-NL Volunteer



Stichting Ingenieurs zonder Grenzen (Foundation Engineers without Borders The Netherlands)  with address

CIC Rotterdam, Stationsplein 45, 4th floor, 3013 AK Rotterdam

EWB-NL Volunteer:

Engineers and non-Engineers who will voluntary work on a EWB-NL Project andor EWB NL’s related activities and may be sent abroad on voluntary basis and under the conditions of this agreement. The EWB-NL Volunteer is an engineer who works based on knowledge and experience from education and work experience.

Local partner:

Organisation that has requested EWB-NL to provide engineering services

Project Manager:

The project manager as assigned by the board of EWB-NL is responsible for the monitoring and delivery of the Project or activity.


A project executed by a project team consisting of EWB-NL Volunteers with agreed scope, schedule, budget and results as described in general in the Project Proposal and in detail in the Project Execution Plan.

Gentleman’s agreement

EWB-NL and the EWB-NL Volunteer, have agreed the following by means of this gentleman’s agreement:

  1. This agreement relates to volunteering activities for EWB NL. Both parties explicitly aim not to engage in any employment contract with each other;
  2. Any change in the agreed duration of the project is only possible when agreed upon by the Local Partner, the EWB-NL Volunteer and EWB-NL;
  3. Publications and/or lectures related to the project in the Netherlands or abroad need to be approved by EWB-NL (represented by the EWB-NL Project Manager). In case the name of the Local Partner is mentioned, the Local Partner needs to give permission to do so;
  4. To cover any possible damage which may be (unintentionally) caused while working in the EWB NL office, the EWB-NL Volunteer is responsible to have adequate personal liability insurance.
  5. EWB-NL is responsible for arranging travel insurance of the EWB-NL Volunteer for travels related to the execution of the Project. For the coverage of this insurance it is required that the EWB-NL Volunteer strictly follows the guidelines as described in the EWB-NL Code of Conduct and EWB Safety Handbook, as instructed by EWB NL QHSE representative, for the duration of the project;
  6. The following only applies in case of travel abroad: the EWB-NL Volunteer is responsible for ensuring he or she is fit to travel and execute all other activities required for the execution of the project. EWB-NL can not be held accountable for this
  7. The following only applies in case of travel abroad: The EWB-NL Volunteer should avoid driving any vehicles locally. If this is impossible, the EWB-NL Volunteer should arrange for an all-risk car insurance and take all necessary precautions as instructed by EWB NL QHSE representative. At all times EWB-NL and EWB-NL Volunteer will avoid liability in case of any damage
  8. During execution of the Project the EWB-NL Volunteer acts on his/her own responsibility. He or she cannot legally bind EWB-NL, unless he/she is authorized to do so by EWB-NL.  By signing this agreement the EWB-NL Volunteer will confirm his/herself to the goals of EWB-NL as recorded in the EWB-NL Policy Plan and the EWB-NL Code of Conduct. Any issues regarding the execution of the project need to be discussed between the EWB-NL Volunteer and Local Partner first. Any disputes arising from this shall be addressed to EWB-NL via the Project Manager.
  9. By accepting this agreement the EWB-NL Volunteer confirms he/she has agreed to abide by EWB-NL Code of Conduct and to the project specific guidelines and advice as provided by EWB-NL. The EWB-NL Volunteer will follow these guidelines and advices during project execution.
  10. For the project execution the Dutch Law is applicable. The District Court of the Hague shall be the designated competent legal body.