Code of conduct

This code of conduct is one of the tools of EWB-NL’s integrity policy and creates a framework for the promotion of ethical conduct by all EWB-NL Engineers involved in EWB-NL project teams in the Netherlands or abroad.

Article 1: Basic principles

EWB-NL is committed to the preservation of human dignity, which is the basic principle for its actions. Accordingly, EWB-NL rejects any kind of (sexual) harassment, aggression and discrimination based on race, age, creed, religion, political views, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, marital status, gender reassignment and disability.

EWB-NL is committed to prevent and fight undesirable behaviour in its daily operations and in the development of its policies. EWB-NL Engineers are expected to perform their duties in an impartial and non-discriminatory manner. EWB-NL Engineers are expected to talk about EWB-NL and its national and international partners with respect, even in their spare time.

Article 2: Scope of the code of conduct

This code of conduct applies to all EWB-NL Engineers involved in EWB-NL project teams in the Netherlands as well as abroad. EWB-NL is responsible for the publication of the code of conduct. Every EWB-NL Engineer involved in projects is expected to know this code of conduct.

Article 3: Definitions

a. Harassment is defined as:

unwanted physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct that has the purpose or effect of violating a person’s dignity or creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment for them. A single incident can amount to harassment.

It also includes treating someone less favourably because they have submitted or refused to submit to such behaviour in the past.
Unlawful harassment may involve conduct of a sexual nature (sexual harassment), or it may be related to any of the protected characteristics referred to in Article 1 of the Code of Conduct for EWB-NL Engineers. Harassment is unacceptable even if it does not fall within any of these categories.

b. Aggression is defined as:

incidents during which a person is mentally or physically harassed, threatened or attacked in circumstances that are directly related to activities executed for EWB-NL. This includes bullying.

c. Discrimination is defined as:

every distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference which has or is meant to have the effect of nullifying, compromising or restricting the recognition, enjoyment or equal opportunity to exercise the human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, economic, social or cultural sphere, or in other spheres within society.

Article 4: Specific behaviour

a. Discrimination, sexual harassment and aggression

EWB-NL is committed to the preservation of human dignity and equal rights. Respect for diversity and non-violence guide the organisation’s actions.

Discrimination, sexual harassment and aggression are not permitted;
Discriminating, sexist or other offensive or humiliating acts, statements or jokes, whether verbal or in writing, are not permitted;
Aggressive acts or statements are not permitted;

b. Abuse of power

EWB-NL is committed to equal rights.

EWB-NL Engineers are forbidden to use the power that comes with their function within a EWB-NL project for personal gain or for the benefit of family or friends;
Under no circumstances are EWB-NL Engineers allowed to take bribes or enrich themselves in other ways;
EWB-NL Engineers must not accept personal gifts from beneficiaries or subcontractors in the form of money, goods or services with a monetary value of more than 25 Euro;

c. Conflicts of interest

EWB-NL considers it important that the various interests relevant to a specific situation are carefully weighed against each other.

EWB-NL Engineers are not permitted to negotiate or maintain business relationships between their relatives and EWB-NL;
EWB-NL Engineers who have their own business or who have financial interests in particular businesses may under no circumstances sign contracts between EWB-NL and these businesses;
As soon as an EWB-NL Engineer suspects that a conflict of interest may occur, he must discuss this with the relevant board member or project manager.

d. Use of EWB-NL’s property and knowledge

EWB-NL is aware that its material and immaterial properties are valuable and have been obtained thanks to the gifts of others. This is why it will always treat these properties with great care.

EWB-NL issues equipment and supplies to its EWB-NL Engineers so they can carry out their duties. EWB-NL property is for business use only;
EWB-NL Engineers may use the EWB-NL office for meetings and working on projects. They shall take care of the office and interior to not damage anything and ensure the office is clean when leaving (this includes placing any trash and leftovers in the correct bins and placing any dishes or mugs in the kitchen sink). Furthermore they shall keep the office safe by not losing their access card and close the office properly when leaving.
EWB-NL Engineers may not use institutional knowledge and information for personal gain.

e. Relationships with other EWB-NL Engineers

The bond between people is one of the pillars of EWB-NL’s activities. This means relationships between people must be handled with care. The basic principle here is respect for diversity and appreciation for each other’s contribution to EWB-NL’s results.

EWB-NL Engineers work and socialise with each other in an open and professional manner and respect each other’s cultural, religious and political differences;
Personal friendships between EWB-NL Engineers may not stand in the way of EWB-NL’s mission;

f. Weapons

Non-violence is a guiding principle for the actions of EWB-NL. EWB-NL is committed to providing its EWB-NL Engineers with a safe, secure working environment.

During their work for EWB-NL, EWB-NL Engineers are not permitted to own, carry or otherwise have weapons at their disposal.

g. Drugs and alcohol

EWB-NL believes it is important that its associates find the right balance between work and relaxation.

EWB-NL Engineers may under no circumstances work under the influence of any drugs, legal or illegal, that impair their ability to do their job properly;

Drugs are not allowed at the EWB-NL project sites;

Working under the influence of alcohol is not permitted.

h. Sexual relationships

EWB-NL has set itself the goal to address wealth and power inequalities. This is also relevant to sexual relationships.

EWB-NL Engineers who are in a sexual relationship with a colleague, programme beneficiary, relative of a programme beneficiary or person who works for an organisation or a business with a contractual relationship with EWB-NL, must report this to their supervisor or manager so he or she can assess to what extent this jeopardises the EWB-NL’s integrity.

Article 5: Specific provisions for EWB-NL Engineers during their stay abroad

EWB-NL believes it is important to have a thorough knowledge of and to be well-rooted in the local context.

EWB-NL Engineers must adhere to local legislation. However, if Dutch legislation is stricter, this shall be leading;
EWB-NL Engineers may not take part in local political movements nor take the lead in social activities that may harm or compromise the objectives and interests of the Partner or EWB-NL in the country.

Article 6: Protection and support for investigations

EWB-NL prohibits the victimisation of those who participate in the investigation of complaints.

Volunteers who make complaints or who participate in good faith in any investigation must not suffer any form of retaliation or victimisation as a result. Anyone found to have retaliated against or victimised someone in this way will be subject to disciplinary action.

Information about a complaint by or about a volunteer may be placed on the volunteer’s personnel file, along with a record of the outcome and of any notes or other documents compiled during the process.

Article 7: Use of EWB NL Funds

EWB-NL prohibits the use of its funds to purchase illegal items or to engage in illegal activities.

Our funds shall not be used to purchase luxury items, recreational drugs, sexual services and/or to engage in activities, by no means exhausted in this listed, that go against our mission and principles.

Article 8: Compliance with the Code of Conduct

All EWB-NL Engineers have a duty to help each other comply with the Code of Conduct. If necessary, they can ask for support from their EWB-NL coach or EWB-NL board member. The Code of Conduct is part of the agreement signed by all EWB-NL Engineers participating in projects. Failure to comply with the Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action. The nature and degree of the disciplinary action will be determined by the EWB-NL board in consultation with the project coach or project manager;
If an EWB-NL Engineer unintentionally violates the Code of Conduct and reports this to his or her project coach or project manager when he or she realises this, this will be taken into account when determining whether or not to take disciplinary action.