Meet the EwB Team

We use the time of our engineers to improve life in developing countries by supporting local organizations, NGOs and entrepreneurs with our technical knowledge. The team consists of more than 80+ active volunteers that spend their spare time working on projects to support communities worldwide. The team is a mixed group, with more than 40% female volunteers and >60 international (non-Dutch) volunteers.

Strategic board

EwB Team - Nishant Narayan

Nishant Narayan


EwB Team - Wessel Wikkerink

Wessel Wikkerink


EwB Team - Irina Sleikina

 Irina Sleikina

Project Portfolios

EwB Team - Sven Spierings

 Sven Spierings

Partnerships and Funding

EwB Team - Pragna Kolli

 Pragna Kolli

Business Impact

Supervisory board

EwB Team - Petra Beris


EwB Team - Claire Hallewas

 Claire Hallewas

EwB Team - Jelena Popovic

Jelena Popovic

Operational Support Groups

EwB Team - Joseph van Oudenhoven

Joseph van Oudenhoven

Senior Expert Group

EwB Team - Sven Spierings

Sven Spierings


EwB Team - Agata Malinowska

 Agata Malinowska

Business impact

EwB Team - Patricia de Oliveira

 Patricia De Oliveira


Portfolio managers

EwB Team - Francesca Cori

Francesca Cori


EwB Team - Pedro Sterken

Pedro Sterken


EwB Team - Hielke van der Aa

 Hielke van der Aa

Circular Economy

EwB Team - David Agoungbome

David Agoungbome


EwB Team - Julian Werner

 Julian Werner


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