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We are always looking for volunteers who want to share their time, experience and passion and help make the world a better place through engineering. We welcome volunteers from a wide range of professions and from any stage of their careers. As a EWB volunteer, you will be able to apply to any available vacancies, join our activities, meet our other volunteers and truly make a difference.


EWB General Vacancies

Our organization is growing and we need your help to make it bigger and better! Volunteer your skills and join one of our dynamic teams.

Volunteering Project Coach

As a project’s coach you will work with local partners on project requests and coach project teams towards successful project execution.


Media Expert / Creative Advisor

To support our project teams we are looking for a media expert. You will support them with setting the right strategy to promote the project and arrange the necessary means by doing so.


Business Impact Team

EWB-NL is currently growing. We have 8 ongoing projects and 5 starting projects in various locations in the world.


Project Vacancies

Want to share your experience on a specific project? Apply for one of the open positions below.

Project Engineer - Precious Stone Valuation & Traceability

EWB-NL is working with a partner in Côte d’Ivoire to explore possible technical solutions for the Small Scale Mining chains and we are looking for creative engineer to join this project!


Project Manager - Arthouse Cinema – Kriterion Monrovia

EWB-NL is supporting together with Young Urban Achievers and Kriterion a local entrepreneur in Liberia to build the first cinema in Liberia and we are looking for a Project Manager to lead this project!


Internship Solar Energy Madagascar - Eosol Solar Project

The Malagasy company Eosol has developed a 60kW solar park in the fishermen’s village of Andavadoaka in the South West of Madagascar.


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