Our Goal

Our goal is to promote, teach and implement sustainable technical solutions in developing countries which can be successfully adopted by local companies. By doing so we believe we help to enhance people’s quality of life and the development of communities.

We use the time of our engineers to improve life in developing countries by supporting local organizations, NGO’s and entrepreneurs with our technical knowledge. All our projects are based on a local request and include a business/social model. In this way we realize a long-term and sustainable impact.

Example projects are drinking water systems, sustainable off-grid energy, development of smart apps or low-tech tools, set-up of small factories and enterprises. By participating in the projects, the engineers will develop non-technical knowledge such as how to deal with cultural differences, social impact, institutional models and entrepreneurship, which they also apply in their professional work.

EWB-NL Policy & Renumeration

Every year the EWB-NL publishes an updated policy plan describing our organisation, principles, vision and goals and how we aim to achieve them. No financial compensation is provided to board and advisory board members, other than compensation of personal travel cost and EWB-NL related expenses. All board and advisory board members work on a voluntary basis. Also engineers and support teams are not financially compensated for their efforts for EWB-NL. They contribute to our organisation and projects with their time and expertise.

Our Approach

Contribute to Sustainable Development Goals

Reduce CO2

Create local sustainable businesses

New (leapfrogging) Technology

Fair volunteering support

Meet our Team

Strategic Board

Nishant Narayan Chairman
Wessel Wikkerink Treasurer
Irina Sleikina Head of Project Portfolios
Sven Spierings Partnerships and Funding
María Fernanda González Guevara Community & Communication

Supervisory Board

Tjeerd Dierckxsens
Roel Tersteeg
Maurits Ertsen

Operational Support Groups

Joseph van Oudenhoven Senior Expert Group - Team Lead
Elena Bouzoni Project Request Coordinator
María Fernanda González Guevara Communication & PR Manager
Sven Spierings Partnerships Lead
Agata Malinowska Business impact Lead

Portfolio Managers

Alexandra Carabat Energy Portfolio Manager
Carlotta Ferri Energy Portfolio Manager
Michiel Kupers Portfolio Manager for Schools of the Future
Tessa Vaendel Circular Economy Porfolio Manager
Suzanne van der Velde Circular Economy Porfolio Manager
Nikola Stanic Water Portfolio Manager

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